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NaNo Rebellion

November is National Novel Writing Month, time for that crazy challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in only thirty days.

I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo twice before. In fact, my recent release, After Ten, was once a NaNo project. My follow-up book, Sixth South, was also a NaNo project. I successfully wrote 50k words on, so it was considered a ‘winner,’ but the draft was not a finished story.

This November, I have decided to participate in NaNo as a rebel. I am not starting a brand project, but rather continuing that one. My goal is to have a completed draft by the end of November, however many additional words that takes. My NaNo experience is less about the number of words I write than it is about finishing my MS and having something ready to submit to my critique group in December.

I don’t intend to validate my work to be a NaNo winner, as it seems very unlikely that I will write 50k new words this month.

So why participate in NaNo at all, even as a rebel? I’m just one of those people that work better with a deadline. NaNo gives me that firm deadline- November 30. It also gives me a built-in support group of other people who are living through the same experience. That support has been invaluable in the past.

Yesterday was the first day of writing. I know plenty of people who write 1667 words they need per day to stay on a 50k word pace. I know others who crossed 2k, and even 7k.

I wrote only 533 words, one scene. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was a win for me because it marked the return to this project and put me on the path to completing it. NaNo November came around at the perfect time, even if I’m rebelling this year.

Good luck to everyone participating this year! Happy writing!


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