Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s other short six from After Ten.


Beth slapped her. Hard. So hard it hurt her hand, but darned if she didn’t feel better. “Go to hell, Jordan.” She looked at Matt then. “You can go with her, you bastard.”


11 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Oh, wow! Damn, I sure as hell wasn’t expecting that! What’d Jordan do? And Matt? Holy crap I’m gonna have to get this to find out!

  2. Punchy I say the least! Very well written, well done.

  3. A slap to the face and a few choice words never gets old.

  4. Hey Michele! Love the six (and the photo too)! Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

  5. A great six! The shorter sentences make it racier and help to build the tension. Nicely done!

  6. Excellent use of rhythm to build tension.

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