Sweet Saturday 11/12/11

I’m a little late getting this posted, but here’s a another sweet Saturday excerpt from After Ten:


Her own way. Whatever. Tracey called Steve as soon as she left the house.

“How was the day with the family?” he asked right away.

Tracey winced. “Next subject.”

“That good?” he asked. “I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault,” Tracey said, managing a laugh. “Anyway, I’ll be there soon, if you still want Lindsay for the rest of the weekend.”

“You know I do.”

She did. That was one thing she had to give Steve a lot of credit for. Even though they were no longer in a relationship, they both always put Lindsay first. When it came to her, they got along well. They hadn’t worked out as lovers, but as friends and co-parents, they fared much better. So far, they seemed to be a lot more successful at that than in any previous role they tried. Tracey was grateful for that. Whatever other mistakes she had made in life, and as her mother was always anxious to point out, they were numerous, she knew she made the right decision with Lindsay. Both in having her, and in not entering into a marriage for the wrong reasons. “I know, Steve. I’m on my way.”

“Okay.” He seemed to pause for a second before continuing. “Interested in staying and watching the Cubs game with me?”

Tracey hesitated, wondering if it was a good idea to go down that road again. Still, things were different now. “You know I hate baseball.”

Steve laughed. “It beats a night alone being depressed about your mother.”

He knew her so well. “True, that. We’ll see.”


She ended up staying, and enjoyed watching their father-daughter interaction. Steve was good with Lindsay, really good.

“She’s going to be upset tomorrow when she realizes she fell asleep in the third inning,” he joked after putting her to bed and joining Tracey back in the living room to watch the rest of the game.

“I doubt it. If she’s really a true fan, as you try to claim she is, she’ll already know they lost.”

Steve looked at her, chagrined. “Oh, ye of little faith.”

“I only speak the truth.”

He shook his head. “One of these days, I’ll turn you into a fan, too.”

“Don’t count on it. I have enough adversity in my life as it is.”


“Admit it. You had a good time,” Steve teased Tracey after the game as she got ready to leave.

The Cubs lost, yet again, and in spite of everything, she’d enjoyed the entire evening. “I did.”

“We should do it again.”

Tracey expected him to suggest it, and it flattered her and scared her at the same time. “Steve, we’ve been over this.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I know.”

“I just think we work better this way.”

“As friends, you mean.”

“Yes. At least, I hope we’re friends.”

“Always.” Steve leaned over and kissed her cheek. “And Tracey?”


“I hope someday you find your Prince Charming.”



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3 comments on “Sweet Saturday 11/12/11

  1. I enjoyed this scene. I got the impression that Steve hopes he’s Tracey’s prince charming!

  2. Ohhh. You make me sorry they didn’t work out. But I have hope something will change for them.

  3. Sounds like he just MIGHT be her Prince Charming. A second time around maybe? 🙂

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