Six Sentence Sunday, 12/18/11

I missed a few weeks, but I’m back for the last Six Sentence Sunday of 2011. Here, more of the confrontation betweenBeth and Jordan. From After Ten:


She’d spotted Aaron across the room. He wasn’t alone, though. He had his arm around Jordan Priestley. All too familiar. She seethed as she crossed the room quickly, ignoring anyone who tried to talk to her. “Gosh, this looks cozy.”


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7 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday, 12/18/11

  1. Sounds like it’s about to get interesting!

  2. Sounds like trouble a’brewing!

  3. Nice work with the setting, Michele–both in the “setting” sense and in setting up the tension between characters. Great job, and thanks for sharing! Happy holidays 😀

  4. Somebody’s not happy….Thanks for sharing!

  5. uh-oh, conflict sounds like it will be ensuing soon! Nice voice, too, BTW. Her aggravation and jealousy come through.

  6. Ouch. Good for her for confronting him!

  7. Locked on target. Sounds like Aaron’s in trouble.

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