I’ve been tagged by the Lucky 7 Meme


I was tagged by Chantel Rhondeau this week to participate in the Lucky 7 meme. This looked kind of fun, so I decided to give it a try. Here are the rules:

Go to p. 77 of current WIP
go to line 7
copy down next 7 lines/sentences & post them as they’re written
Tag 7 other authors
Let them know

This excerpt is from my current WIP, Sixth South.  This scene falls in the middle of a dinner party that turns somewhat tense:

“This salad is delicious, Kel,” Joni gushed. “Best I’ve ever had.”

“It’s just a classic Caesar,” Kelsey demurred. She’d never known her friend to express so much enthusiasm over a bowl of lettuce.

“Still, it’s delicious,” Joni announced. “Isn’t it, Tom?”

“Sure, it’s fine.” He speared a crouton with his fork.

“So, Josh,” Sarah said. “You said your last name is Connely? Any relation to Dale Connely?”

“My father, actually.” He took a drink of water. “I hope that’s not a problem.”

And now I have to tag 7 other authors. These are either other writers I know from Critique Circle or from twitter. Some write in the same genre I do, and some in a different genre. Check them out if you’re interested:

Dawn Prather
Ardyth DeBruyn
Tiphanie Thomas
Vivien Jackson
Mirriam Smyth
Belinda G. Buchanan
Virginia McKevitt


3 comments on “I’ve been tagged by the Lucky 7 Meme

  1. I know they’re just random seven, but those lines do show the tension in the scene! Nice.

  2. This was a really nice scene to have it land it. It shows how skilled you are with managing that dinner party and all the guests. Plus, it’s a very tense scene, and I love it. Joni going on about a salad relates this very well. Nice!

    Oh, thanks for the tag back!

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