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And Then There Were Two

As in two more chapters and Sixth South will be finished! Of course, in many ways the hard work will start then. I know there are some writers who find the editing/revising to be harder than the actual writing, and others who think revisions are the easier part.

I can see both sides to that. Then again, I’m a lawyer, so I usually see both sides to everything. Being able to anticipate your opponent’s argument is part of the job.

When it comes to writing, I tend to be a panster (fly by the seat of my pants). I don’t do much, if any, outlining and just let my characters guide the story. That makes the writing part fun and exciting, but also challenging at times when the characters start to get moody and don’t want to talk.

When I write my first drafts, my primary focus is to get the story down. Things like enhancing the setting and description are then layered in during the revision process.  While first drafts are about getting it down, revisions are about getting it right. That makes the revision process a challenging one, too.

It’s always a great feeling, though, to have the story itself done, and I’m getting very excited right now. I also find that the closer I get to being done, it’s harder to concentrate. I keep getting distracted by things like my blurb, my synopsis, my pitch for the conference, even what to put on my business cards for said conference (and their design! Argh!).

So close… and yet so far. I need to keep the focus on these last two chapters, and once they’re done, I can start to think about everything else.


One comment on “And Then There Were Two

  1. I’m so excited for you, Michele! I need to get busy reading! 🙂 That is so exciting though to be nearing the finish line!! I’m also looking forward to hearing about your experiences at the writing conference!

    Great job! And again, congratulations!! Almost party time!

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