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Final preparations for DFW Writer’s Conference

It’s finally here! Twenty-four hours from now I will be in Dallas (okay, actually, Hurst, TX), probably pacing my hotel room practicing my pitch.

My pitch session with my agent of choice is Saturday morning. I’m happy about that, because I am going to be a nervous wreck, so getting it over with in the first two hours of the conference should enable me to just relax, learn and have fun the rest of the weekend.

On my last night before I leave, I’ve decided to not do anything related to writing. My pitch is prepared, and I’ll practice tomorrow. Any further editing on my MS won’t accomplish anything. I’m not taking it with me, anyway. If anyone requests it (dreaming!), I will mail it when I get back.

I do have my first chapter printed out and packed, because I am signed up for a workshop with Elizabeth Evans on writing compelling first chapters and all participants are supposed to bring theirs. I’ve done my other ‘homework’ for the workshop, too- reading the prologue and first chapter of In the Woods.

I’ve been poring over the class schedule trying to decide which ones to attend. That’s not an easy task, because there are so many great ones to choose from. Since I can’t be in two places at once, I’ll have to make some hard decisions. I don’t think I can go wrong with any, though, and I know I will learn a lot this weekend.

My mom works as an event planner, and some of her organizational skills must have rubbed off on me, because I have all my necessary paperwork all in a filed folder and arranged in the order in which I will need it-  Airline itinerary, hotel reservation, conference tickets, schedule, pitch confirmation.

I’m charging my phone and my iPad and I downloaded some new music from iTunes, including the Smash cast version of  Crazy Dreams. It just seems appropriate right now.

I’ve packed clothes and shoes, and I think my choices will provide the right balance of comfort and professionalism and still account for May heat in Texas.

I’m ready! At least I hope s0.

Stay tuned to the blog and my twitter feed for updates from DFWCon!



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