To Query or Not to Query

… That is the question.

For me, after much soul-searching and reflection, I decided that the answer is Yes. I will query.

I want to try to find an agent and traditionally publish my novel before making a decision to self-pub.

I got quite a bit of advice on that at the conference. Pro, con, maybe, etc. Some of the advice was solicited, some not.


I decided yes.

The agent I pitched to requested a full MS and synopsis. I jumped for joy, freaked out, and then sent it. Okay, I gave it a super fast edit first. Now I wait.

I had another agent in mind as a second choice but did not formally pitch them. Instead I e-queried them after the conference.  They just requested a partial. I sent it. Hey, at least after that first super fast edit, things are ready. Kinda. Maybe.

So far so good on the query, though I still fear they will think the writing is crap. Time will tell.

James Rollins was the Keynote at the conference and he advised having 10 queries out at a time. Sound advice I think. I am trying to do a few a day to work up to that, and then have the next ready to go in case of a rejection.

Let’s just call it the Summer of the Query.  Hopefully it’s a good one.





5 comments on “To Query or Not to Query

  1. Good luck, Michele. It’s always a new experience, but exciting, isn’t it?

    • Thanks. It’s exciting and terrifying, but I feel like I need to try it. With summer starting, I’m not going to have a lot of time for writing/editing anyway, so it seems like the perfect time to put this out there and see what the interest level is. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll dive into intense edits this fall and get ready to self-pub.

  2. Good luck! I’ll be having the ‘to query or not to query’ debate with myself later this year. I look forward to hearing more about your experience.

    • Thanks! It really worthy of a debate and careful evaluation, because as writers we now have viable alternatives to us outside of the agent/big publisher route. Right now, I am still riding a post-conference wave of confidence, momentum and inspiration and feel really good about my decision. That may come crashing to a halt at any moment.

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