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The Summer of the Query, update 1

I said this would be the summer of the query. Here we are a few weeks later with the first update.

In addition to the agent I pitched at DFWCON, I queried a handful of others. I got my first two rejections over the weekend. That was a little painful.

Hey, the first always hurts, right? Or the first two?

It did sting a bit, yeah. I like my book. I worked hard on it. Really hard. I think it’s good, too.

I also know it’s controversial, and thus not for everyone.

I write about social issues. That’s what I do.

Sometimes they are popular, sometimes not. I respect and accept that others may not like the issues I write about, or share my opinions, but it doesn’t stop me from writing them. Free world and all.

I don’t know whether the issues I choose to write about have mainstream appeal. I am still feeling my way with that.

I got a couple of rejections over the weekend. I also got a request for a partial (50 pages).  Then I got a request for 5 pages. Not much, but not a ‘no thanks, go way’ either.

I’ll take it.

I sent a couple more queries today to balance the two rejections. That’s the plan going forward.

In the meantime, I have an idea for my next book. More social issues ( I said that’s what I do, right?), but maybe not as a controversial as Sixth South. Hopefully it will come together well.

The message from DFWCON was keep writing, all the time. Keep moving forward. I can’t worry about a few rejections. I need to put it behind me and move on.

That’s what I am trying to do.

Rejections are just part of the game, and for every one that rejects me, there may be another agent wowed by my material. I won’t know unless I try, though.


One comment on “The Summer of the Query, update 1

  1. Good for you, Michele! Keep moving forward! I can’t wait to see the finished product of Sixth South, as I greatly enjoyed the first draft. I think you will find your market! Good luck on the future queries!

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