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Sixth South Excerpt 2- Megan

As I get closer to my release date, I introduce you to another one of my main characters. Today’s excerpt features Megan as she meets a new colleague who will pay a major role in her storyline- be that good or bad…


Megan’s final project for the day was assembling a model of the solar system. She placed the sun on its post and then laid out the rest of the planets. All things considered, she viewed her first day on the job a success. She liked the school, the new principal seemed like a good guy, and she figured she would get along well with her new colleagues. Kelsey’s little bombshell had caught her a bit off guard, but at least she’d managed not to say something stupid or offensive. Now she just had to finish the model before meeting Josh for dinner. The real test would come the next day when the students arrived, but Megan was confident that would go well, too.

She reached for one of the planets, and in the process knocked another one off the table. It rolled towards the door, and she got up to retrieve it.

“I’ve got it.”

Megan turned in the direction of the male voice. He held up the miniature Neptune and smiled at her. His dark hair was long and slicked back behind his ears. If she had to guess, she’d say he was probably in his mid-thirties.


“You’re welcome.” He made his way over to her desk. “Got to be careful. We don’t want to lose anymore planets. We’ve already lost Pluto.”

“We didn’t technically lose Pluto, it was just…” Not wanting to lapse into science geek talk, Megan let her voice trail off. “Never mind.”

“Reclassified as a dwarf planet,” the man finished.

“Yes.” Megan smiled. “Do you teach science?”

“No.” He shook his head. “Art, actually.” He set Neptune down and extended his hand. “Wes Strickland.”

She shook it. “Megan Cassady. I do teach science, as you probably guessed by the planets.”

“Yeah. Didn’t think it was music.” He chuckled. “You must be Kate’s replacement.”

“That’s right,” Megan said.

“Good luck, then. You’ve got some big shoes to fill.”

“Oh?” Megan raised an eyebrow. She didn’t know anything about her predecessor, and the others hadn’t said much. Now this guy was essentially issuing a challenge. Before she could ask him to elaborate, her phone chirped, indicating a new text message. “Excuse me a second.” She picked up the phone. Josh.

Late class. Can u come here instead?

She frowned and texted back. I guess so. She didn’t feel like driving to Durham, but she wanted to see Josh. She just hoped he’d make some sacrifices for their relationship, too.

“Something wrong?” Wes asked as she set the phone back down after sending her reply.

“Not at all, but I do need to finish this model so I can go.” She hoped she didn’t sound too rude.

“Of course. I’ll get out of your way. Just wanted to introduce myself. It was nice meeting you, Megan Cassady. I look forward to getting to know you better.”


Please check back tomorrow to meet Joni.


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