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The Juggling Act

Life as an aspiring writer often resembles a juggling act, and sometimes there are just too many balls in the air to manage.  That’s what happened to me the past couple weeks, and I’ve dropped a couple balls.

First there was the company arriving for Thanksgiving, and they stayed for twelve days.

Then there was the holiday itself, and feeding eleven people.

Maybe it was the stress if all that, or the wildly inconsistent weather here or something else, because shortly after the holiday madness ended I was knocked flat with the cold that will not die. I briefly thought I was beating it and I must have gotten too cocky, because the next day it sent me a message. I definitely hadn’t won.

I think it’s about gone now except for the lingering cough.

Amidst all of that, I have at least managed to maintain a steady progress on my current WIP, which I think is now six chapters from completion Hard to believe! Hopefully I can finish up draft one in the next couple weeks. Then I’ll give it to a few people to read. I’ll probably dive into serious edits in January. Revision hell, here I come.

Maybe the little break  from writing will give me a chance to focus on some other things that I haven’t done so well with that lately- namely blogging, marketing and getting crits in for friends.

Multitasking has never really been my thing and I’m dropping too many balls lately.  If I were the type to make New Years Resolutions, I’d resolve to do better with the juggling act.  Since I’m not, I won’t make it a resolution. I’ll try to keep all the balls in the air, though!



One comment on “The Juggling Act

  1. It’s amazing how quickly things pile up whenever you want to get a lot of writing done. Someone has a sick sense of cosmic humor. LOL. I definitely struggle with the juggling act. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting better at keeping all the balls in the air and sometimes I feel like I’m dropping them all. Such is life, I guess. 🙂

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