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Looking back… and ahead.

It’s hard to believe we rang in another year last night. Time definitely goes much faster as you get older. 2012 seemed to pass in a blur at times. Overall, it was a good year, though.

Aside from a bad cold during late November/December, I was blessed with good health in 2012, as was the rest of my family.

The struggling economy has presented some challenges, but I always try to remember that there are others less fortunate and be thankful for what I do have.

My day job presented me with both successes and challenges in 2012, but every year is like that. On good days, I still feel like I am doing rewarding work that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. As for the bad days, one of them turned into the inspiration for a book. I guess that’s a good day in a different way!

2012 was also a good year on the writing front. I attended my first writer’s conference in May and had a fabulous time connecting with other writers as well as agents and others in the business. I learned so many things that I think have helped me grow as a writer and can’t wait to attend another conference in 2013.

I played the pitch and query game for a while and found some legitimate interest in my work from agents, but ultimately (for reasons detailed in a previous post) decided to self-publish my second book. Sixth South was released in October and so far has been met with favorable response (though I keep trying to tell myself the dreaded one star review is inevitable, so I’m prepared when it does happen).

While working on getting Sixth South published, I was also working on my third book. I completed the first draft of Aggravated Circumstances in December, which brings me to… 2013!

As every good writer knows, writing is about rewriting, and now it is time to begin the revision process. While I am confident that this book has great potential, I also recognize that it is nowhere near ready to achieve its full potential. That’s where rewriting comes in.

While the revision pr0cess can be challenging (it’s not called Revision Hell for nothing!), I think I’m ready. Well, as ready as I can be. I’m armed with my notes from the conference, including some great revision tips from  a very successful author, a good style manual, a book on self-editing, and perhaps most important, a sound idea of what needs to be worked on in order for this book to shine. I can do this!

My goal is to complete the initial revision by the of January. Ambitious, but I think it can be done. After that, I will see where things are at and may elicit further feedback from some of my trusted crit partners or, if it’s ready, send it to my editor for her beta read.

I hope to release the book by sometime in May.

My longer term writing goal for 2013 is to complete at least the first draft of my next book. I have the basic premise and a working title- Best Interests. My fickle muse is itching to get started on that, but for now I need to focus on the revisions of AC.

I don’t multitask very well, and that is something I need to work on improving in 2013. I also need to improve greatly in the area of marketing, though I think most of my deficiencies in that area are directly related to the problem with multitasking, so if I fix one, hopefully I can fix the other. Though it’s kind of a chicken vs. egg (what came first) thing…

Well, those are the goals, anyway. In another 364 days, I’ll know how I did.

Happy New Year and I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and successful 2013!


One comment on “Looking back… and ahead.

  1. Can’t wait for the release of Aggravated Circumstances or for you to get started on the new book! You have so much talent and I’m so happy I’ve been blessed enough to have met you and get to enjoy your work, and your friendship! Happy 2013!!

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