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Winter Blues and Writing News

I’m afraid the blog has gone  a bit neglected again over the past few weeks. The blame for that lies mostly with winter’s last gasp, which has managed to dump eighteen inches of snow on my area over the past ten days. And it’s not over yet! The latest forecast calls for another ten inches tomorrow and Tuesday. I’m not really sure what to make of that forecast, though. Last week,  the local weathermen said we could expect a ‘trace’ of snow. The trace turned into a foot.

Since they seemed to be struggling with accuracy lately, I’m hoping they’re equally wrong this time and the ten inches expected tomorrow only amounts to a trace. But this will probably be the time they get it right.

Shoveling snow has been a time consuming task lately, but when I haven’t been bust with the shovel I’ve been busy writing and editing.

I’m working on the final revision of Aggravated Circumstances before it goes to my editor for her copy edit and proofread. I’m hoping to get it to her by the middle of this month and right now am preparing for an April release. I’ll also be embarking on a major blog tour in June to promote the book. I’m currently working with CLP Blog Tours to organize and sponsor the tour, and I’m very excited.

Sandwiched between the official Aggravated Circumstances release and promotion tour, I will be headed to Dallas the first weekend in May for the fabulous DFW Writers’ Conference.  I had a great time last year, and left full of new knowledge as well as feeling inspired and motivated. With the exception of a few bumps along the way, I’ve managed to sustain that motivation, publishing Sixth South, completing Aggravated Circumstances for release next month and beginning yet another book. All in all, I’d say it’s been a successful ten months on the writing front.

As for that new project, I began writing it last month and have completed six chapters. The working title is Best Interests, and it’s a family and legal drama. Like my other books, it is set in New Hampshire so there’s always a chance that characters from past books will make an appearance. We’ll see…

Happy Spring, everyone (Spring is coming, right?) and watch this space for news and updates on the AC release soon!


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