Announcing the Release of Finding Forever

Finding Forever, a contemporary romance by Michele Shriver, is now available in eBook and paperback!

Finding forever cover

Sometimes life offers a second chance at first love, but only if you have the courage to take it.

Jordan Priestley buried her mother, her alcoholism, and her California dreams to start over in Grande Valley, Texas. Defending the accused in a violent border town is a far cry from the entertainment law practice she abandoned, and that’s the way Jordan likes it. Happiness eludes her until a former client-turned-lover reappears, tempting her with a hopeful future, while dredging up mistakes from her past.

Jake Morrison paid his dues in the acting business. Now, his big break has arrived with a starring role in a major director’s next blockbuster film. The movie shoot takes Jake to Grande Valley, where he seeks to reconnect with the one woman he couldn’t forget. As Jake slowly breaks through Jordan’s defenses, an old girlfriend resurfaces, threatening their future and Jordan’s fragile sobriety.

Will Jake and Jordan take a chance on forever, or will reminders of their past be too much to overcome?

Purchase today: E-books available at Amazon / Amazon UK / Apple / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Smashwords
From the author: I am very excited to share Jordan and Jake’s story with the world and I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. To help celebrate the release of my new novel, I am offering free copies of my other books now through October 31, 2013. The books are available for download from Smashwords by entering the appropriate coupon code. Thank you very much for your support!

After Ten (coupon code SC34Y): Download

Sixth South (coupon code LH26U): Download

Aggravated Circumstances (coupon code LW28G): Download


3 comments on “Announcing the Release of Finding Forever

  1. Thanks so much, Michelle! I downloaded all three–they all look great! 🙂 Now, finding time to read them…so many books in my review queue right now, so I try to read a review book and a pleasure book at the same time. Then there are the research books for my novel..I have at least three books (usually more) going at once! 🙂 Best of luck on your new release!

  2. Michelle writes a lovely true story with flow and description entailed with humor and true love the chapters flow into one another leaving you with wanting to turn to the next exciting love story, not leaving the book down This truly lets us know that there re always second chances in love and how one can overcome and grow in life after mistakes made in life ass a youth. But with her courage she fought it through and found trust and love once more. A great recommended read

  3. So glad you enjoyed the book, Anna!

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